Innovations from BelNIPIneft


New domestic developments for control and automation of oil production.
Belorusneft engineering research center is developing technical means of oil production control and automation for petroleum industry. At present the Cicada-02 submersible telemetry systems are in pilot operation. They are being tested at Belarus oilfields.
The system has been developed by specialists of BelNIPIneft department of technical means of oil production control. The Cicada-02 allows controlling and optimizing operation of electric centrifugal pump units at high power-supply voltage of submersible electrical motors and noise level. The operability of the equipment is guaranteed. It can be used at depths up to 6 000 km, at formation fluid temperatures of up to 150 0С. Insolation resistance of power cable and submersible electric motors is also measured with the system.
Due to the fact that submersible telemetry systems now use GSM connection and GPRS, downhole monitoring systems SКАD-3104, Cicada-01 and submersible telemetry systems Cicada-02 make it possible to inspect wells operation promptly, remotely, in real time. 48 such systems have already been implemented. The use of equipment with GSM-modems at remote well stock has allowed improving the efficiency of control and reducing operation costs of oil production.