Winter diesel


Winter diesel fuel is available at Belorusneft filling stations.

It is marked as DTZ-K5 and can keep up to 20 degrees of frost.

Traditionally on the eve of cold weather the Belorusneft filling stations substitute the summer "diesel" with its winter analogue - diesel fuel DTV-Z-K5. The fuel of ecological class K5 (Euro-5) allows not only being ready for lowering of air temperature, but also optimizes combustion of the fuel mixture, reduces noise and vibration, facilitates car starting and decreases fuel consumption per unit of fuel. The information on the fuel-dispensing equipment will help the consumers choose the right option.

Thus, experts remind that the pledge of trouble-free operation of the vehicle in winter time at low temperatures is timely and qualitative car servicing. Among the primary steps that should be taken are: replacing the fuel filter, checking the functionality of the glow plugs, servicing the battery, checking the coolant, and changing the seasonal tires and windshield washer fluids.