Organizational structure

The main goal of Belarusian Scientific Research and Design Institute of Oil BelNIPIneft is to provide scientific and technical products and engineering for the oil industry of the Republic of Belarus, as well as to export services under contracts with oil and gas producing and service enterprises of near and far abroad countries.
For this purpose, the structure of the institute has been formed, which includes four areas (exploration, oilfield geology and field development, production and design and survey work), covers about 30 types of activities, including:

  • exploration work for oil and gas;
  • oilfield geology and hydrogeology;
  • development of oil and gas fields;
  • methods and technologies for enhancing oil recovery;
  • equipment and technology for oil production;
  • studies of reservoir fluids;
  • technical means of control and automation of oil production;
  • preparation and in-field oil transportation;
  • design and maintenance of well construction;
  • engineering surveys and design of arrangement of oil fields, oil field facilities;
  • ecology and environmental measures;
  • industrial safety and accident prevention.

Currently, there are 467 employees in the Institute, of which 97%  have higher education.
The number of BelNIPineft employees performing research and development is 81 people, among specialists with a scientific degree PhD - 14, graduate students - 22 and undergraduates - 5.
18 specialists have work experience in foreign projects of the enterprise (Russian Federation, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Ecuador).
20 employees of the institute are members of the Gomel SPE professional section.

Discussion of current issues within the regional section of the SPE

BelNIPIneft constantly pays attention to enhancing the competence of its employees.
In 2018, as part language training, 13 specialists were trained at English language courses.
The institute provides also corporate training for specialists. In the current year, training on the topic “Oilfield Geomechanics” (PetroGM company) and continuing education courses on the topic “Practical Sedimentology (Terrigenous and Carbonate Reservoirs)” (LLC Nedra Expert) were organized and conducted at the Institute.
There is a constant process of training and advanced training.

Education and training 2017-2019

One of the mandatory attributes of BelNIPIneft is the participation of the institute specialists in international scientific and practical conferences and seminars.

Participation in international scientific conferences and seminars 2017-2019