Achievements and Patents

The State Program for Innovative Development of the Republic of Belarus is one of the main directions of innovation policy in the field of science and innovation management. It provides the creation of effective integration forms of science and production.
The Belarusian Scientific Research and Design Institute of Oil BelNIPIneft is a research and engineering center of the RUE “Production Association “Belorusneft ”. Being one of the leading institutes of the oil industry in the CIS countries, it can solve various problems related to the search, exploration and development of oil and gas fields, production and transportation of hydrocarbons. 

Over the years, the institute has made a significant contribution to the formation and development of the industry and the preservation of the oil potential of the Republic of Belarus.
The Institute employees apply innovative technologies and technical solutions, modern software systems and methods of leading world manufacturers, which allows to carry out a number of scientific and technical works and high-quality research.

About 10-15 research and development activities are carried out annually, the results of which find practical application in the internal production process.
Currently, BelNIPIneft creates scientific developments at the level of inventions and utility models and successfully implements them in Belarus and abroad. Over the past five years, 22 applications for inventions and utility models have been given to patent offices of the Republic of Belarus, of the Russian Federation, the Ukraine and the Eurasian Patent Office, 29 patents for inventions have been received, of which 10 patents for inventions are of the Republic of Belarus, 5 patents for inventions are of the Russian Federation and 14 are the Eurasian patent.
The Institute pays special attention to the issues of commercialization of scientific developments, the creation of infrastructure to promote the results of scientific research to the market. 

The results of scientific research obtained in the course of scientific research are successfully implemented at the fields of RUE “Production Association“ Belorusneft ”, allowing to obtain a significant economic effect. The implementation of new technologies and scientific developments takes place not only in the fields of the Republic of Belarus, but also in the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Ecuador, Venezuela, India and other oil and gas producing regions.