Scientific potential

Today, the Belarusian Scientific Research and Design Institute of Oil BelNIPIneft is the leading sub-devision of the Republican Unitary Enterprise Production Association “Belorusneft”, working in the field of oil production and oil services of the Republic of Belarus for more than 50 years. The Institute has a powerful scientific potential to solve complex scientific and technical problems at the highest level.

In accordance with the types of activities indicated in the Rules of the enterprise, the institute carries out research, development, experimental-technological, design and survey, exploration and other works and services of oil production or scientific and technical issues. In the framework of the indicated activities, the following types of work are performed:

  • conducting research and development works in the field of natural (geological, mineralogical, chemical) and technical sciences and providing services for bringing research and development to the stage of their implementation in production;
  • development of scientific and technical measures aimed at improving technologies and conducting field supervision in the field of engineering and technology for oil production, reservoir impact and oil recovery enhancement methods;
  • development of technical means of monitoring of oil production, which involves the creation of modern software and hardware control and measuring systems that allow telemetric (remote) monitoring of the well condition and the work of submersible equipment;
  • conducting research on oil and oil products in terms of studying the physicochemical properties of reservoir, degassed oil and associated petroleum gas;
  • development of oil and gas fields, involving their analysis and design, reservoir modeling, as well as research in the field of oilfield geology and hydrogeology;
  • design, construction and work over in wells;
  • carrying out design and survey work related to the development of construction projects, the study of mineral resources and the assessment of area suitability for construction;
  • the implementation of geological studies involving the search and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, processing and interpretation of seismic data, field geophysics and the calculation of oil and gas reserves;
  • implementation of topographic and geodesy activities;
  • the provision of other engineering services in the field of oil services.

The quality control of design work in the above stated issues of the Institute’s scientific and technical activities is carried out by a quality management system implemented at BelNIPIneft and meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, as well as the requirements of the national version of the standard STB ISO 9001 2015. Separate structural divisions of BelNIPIneft (as of 2019 in the amount of five) are accredited for technical competence and independence (in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC 17025) in the following areas of accreditation: testing of physical and chemical properties of oil and petroleum products; measurement of sanitary and hygienic parameters at workplaces; studies of physical and mechanical properties of soils; performance of work on analytical monitoring of environmental objects. On the basis of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection Activities, BelNIPIneft uses an enterprise environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 14001.
At present, the number of BelNIPineft employees who perform research and development is 81 people, out of them PhD- 14, graduate students - 22 and undergraduates - 5.
The Scientific Council operates at BelNIPIneft, which is one of the main forms of participation of scientists, leading specialists and scientists of the Institute in the development and implementation of the scientific and technical program, increasing the scientific level and relevance of research, their innovative focus.
The main goals and objectives of the Academic Council:

  • increasing the efficiency of scientific, technical and innovative activities of BelNIPIneft;
  • creation of conditions for involving talented youth into the sphere of science, education and innovation, and increasing the prestige of scientific activity.
  • determination of the system of main directions for the development of scientific, technical and innovative activities of BelNIPIneft;
  • development of innovatively-oriented comprehensive research in priority areas of science and technology based on the widespread use of modern information technologies, including in the field of training of engineering and scientific personnel;
  • wide involvement of graduate students, young specialists into the active scientific, scientific, technical and innovative activities; continuous improvement of the scientific potential of scientists and specialists.

The application of the accumulated scientific and technical potential allows the institute to carry out work as part of scientific research related to estimate the prospects of oil and gas potential, the choice of priority areas for exploration, calculating oil, gas and water reserves, as well as experimental design (technological) work aimed on the development of methods and technologies for enhancing oil recovery, equipment and technologies for oil production, technical means of control and automation of oil production, technologies with well construction, etc.
In 2017 RUE “Production Association “Belorusneft” was awarded accreditation as a scientific organization by the relevant decision of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Based on the results of the analysis of the institute implementation of scientific and technical measures that determined the scientific activity of the enterprise over the previous five years.