Technical equipment

BelNIPIneft provides services in the field of geological exploration design; processing and interpretation of seismic materials; reserve calculation; preparation of design documents for well construction; field development; development of integrated gas and oil and gas production programs aimed at enhancing reserves development; creation and maintenance of geological and dynamic models; introduction of telemetry systems for well equipment and oil production facilities; tracing filtration flows; adaptation and implementation of new technologies for enhanced oil recovery and intensification of oil production; development of projects for the development of deposits; environmental regulation and development of documents in the field of labor safety and industrial safety.
BelNIPIneft there is the latest laboratory facilities equipped with high-tech equipment for a wide range of scientific and technical research. So, when carrying out work related to the development and improvement of technical equipment and technologies in the field of intensification of oil production, water shut off and enhanced oil recovery, as well as dynamic research on core models of the formation (physical modeling), special technological equipment is used that fully ensures listed above studies. The work is carried out at machines for studying filtration processes in reservoir conditions AUTOFLOOD 700 of the French company VINCI Technologies SA, which allows to make the experiments under reservoir conditions - hydrostatic, lithostatic pressure and reservoir temperature (maximum pressure 68 MPa, temperature + 150 ° C). The machine (unit)  is equipped with: high pressure pumps, backpressure regulator, hydrostatic core holder, differential pressure measuring system, thermostat, as well as special AppliLab software that allows automatic data collection:

To determine the rheological characteristics of rupture fluids, rheometers Physica MCR 301, Physica MCR 102 (Anton Paar, Austria) are used:

During the incoming inspection of hydraulic fracturing reagents (hydraulic fracturing) and proppant, as well as to determine the main characteristics of rupture fluids, we use Fann 35SA / SR12 (chandler model 3500 rotational viscometers), seven multi S50 pH meters, Retsch AS 200  sieve analyzer with a set of standard sieves ASTM E-11, carbolite PF30 heating units, 4EX roller oven OFITE with cells for temperature control of samples under pressure, a DMA 5000 densitometer, a hydraulic press PMG 500MG4 and other equipment:

FANN 35SA / SR12 viscometer (FANN, USA)

Retsch AS 200 Control sieve analyzer (RETSCH, GmbH)

Roller mill with a set of thermocapsules (OFITE, USA)

pH meters seven multi S50 (METTLER TOLEDO, SWITZERLAND)

HTHP filter press (OFITE, USA)

To study surfactants, K100MK-2 tension meters are used (measurement of surface / interfacial tension by the method of the Dew Nui ring and Wilhelmy plate), KRUSS GmbH; SVT-20 (measurement of interfacial tension by the method of a rotating drop) Data Physics GmbH; drop analyzer DSA-100 KRUSS GmbH.
Research work related to the development of new drilling fluid formulations, as well as the optimization of those used, is carried out at the institute using two groups of equipment: measuring and research. The first category includes:

  • OFITE ultimate pressure and lubricity tester;
  • 8-speed viscosity meter company OFITE model 800;
  • pH meter Mettler Toledo MP 220;
  • field laboratory ARIPLANЕ;
  • HPHT press filter for high pressures and temperatures;
  • tack test device under differential pressure;
  • filter press to determine the rate of mud filtration;
  • Fritsch Analyzette 3 Pro vibrating screen;
  • automatic titrator Mettler Toledo Titration Excellence T70;
  • coulometer by the method of Karl Fischer C20;
  • Karl Fischer titrator V20.

As research equipment are used:

  • a device for determining the linear expansion of the sample;
  • plugging permeability tester - P.P.T;
  • roller oven with programmable timer, aging cells;
  • OFITE suction capillary timer;
  • tester Easycult S.

The device for determining the linear expansion of the sample


Automatic titrator Mettler Toledo Titration Excellence T70; Karl Fischer coulometer C20; Karl Fischer titrator V20

OFITE Extreme Pressure and Lubrication Tester

When carrying out work related to the processing of core material, lithological and laboratory core studies, desk sedimentological studies, as well as stratigraphic breakdown of wells, the following basic equipment is used:

  • Digital system for photographing of core SN 320412-5307;
  • Elemental gamma-ray logging system (spectral) SGL-400;
  • Automatic SLAB-200 machine for longitudinal and transverse sawing of full-size core samples;
  • SG-300 Automatic machine for grinding cylindrical core samples;
  • SC-400 Automatic core cutting machine;
  • TRIM-100 machine for trimming cylindrical core samples;
  • Darsimeter of absolute gas permeability gas, EcoGeosProm LLC (Russia);
  • “Manual saturator” of the company “Vinci technologies” (France);
  • Unit for saturation of UN-2 core samples of Tenacon (Russia);
  • The device "PetroOm" LLC "EcoGeosProm" (Russia);
  • Shcherbina device (RB);
  • Precision cutting machine Secotom-10 of the company "Struers" (Denmark);
  • Grinding and polishing machine Beta / 2 with nozzle Vector Power Head of Buehler company (Germany);
  • The Petro Bond device of Buehler company (Germany);
  • Vacuum filling system for Castn 'Vac 1000 samples from Buehler (Germany);
  • Vibration sieves "Analitette-3" (FRITSCH, Germany);
  • Colorimeter photoelectric concentration KFK-3-1 "Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant" (Russia);
  • MBS-10 microscope, OJSC LZOS (Russia);
  • Polarizing microscope POLAM R-213 of OJSC LOMO (Russia);
  • Electrocrusher VKMD-6 (EuroLab, Russia);
  • Laboratory disk eraser LDI-63 of GRANT OJSC (Russia);
  • Drying oven with forced convection Carbolite PF30 (Carbolite, England);
  • Scales XP 504 MettlerToledo (MettlerToledoGmbH, Switzerland);
  • Scales Adventurer RV214 (AR 2140) (OHAUS Corporation, USA).

Digital system for photographing the core SN 320412-5307

Elemental Gamma-ray Logging System (Spectral) SGL-400

Automatic SLAB-200 machine for longitudinal and transverse cutting of full-size core samples

SG-300 Automatic machine for grinding cylindrical core samples

TRIM-100 machine for trimming cylindrical core samples

SC-400 Automatic core cutting machine

ШGrinding and polishing machine Beta-2

Microscope Polam R-211M

Vacuum impregnator Cast n’Vac 1000

Installation for saturation of samples with salt solutions and other liquids, with a sequence of evacuation and saturation operations

The device for determining the coefficient of open porosity by the gas-volumetric method

As part of the technical support for study of oil and oil products,  PVT FLUID-EVAL equipment complex of Vinci Technologies is used to determine the physicochemical parameters of reservoir fluids; when determining the physicochemical parameters of crude oil, commercial oil, slurry oils, asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits, equipment of leading world manufacturers such as Walter Herzog, Mettler Toledo, Oxford Instruments, Tanaka, Anton Paar, Brookfield and others are used; to  determine  the physicochemical parameters of natural gases, the equipment of Agilent Technologies, Chromatek, Chromos companies is used, which ensures the implementation of gas chromatography methods; in determining the composition and properties of associated produced water, formation water, drainage water the equipment of Dionex, SI Analytics companies (ion chromatograph, titrator, pH meter, etc.) is used.
In the process of determining the composition of deposits on the surface of technological equipment, analytical equipment is used (particle analyzers, elemental analyzers, spectrophotometer, IR Fourier spectrometer, Raman spectrometer, liquid chromatograph with mass detector, etc.) by Horiba, Vario, Spectron, Thermo Electron Corporation, Agilent Technologies.
As part of the work related to engineering surveys, modern geodesy and geological equipment is used: ultra-wideband NOGIN geolocation; GPS kits GNNS TRIMBLE R-10; electronic complex "ASIS" for testing the strength and deformation characteristics of soils, etc.
The institute we also pays great attention in improving the use of computing equipment and the creation of accessible information databases, where all information is grouped by main types: geological data, field geophysical data, data on drilling and production engineering and technology, and development data.  BelNIPIneft uses a powerful computer complex for integrated processing of geological and geophysical information to ensure the effective integration of traditional methods and approaches in the search, exploration and development of oil fields using modern computer technologies. As part of the computing complex of the institute, a large number of servers and graphic stations function. The computing complex includes a high-performance computing cluster with 1024 computing cores, 8 TB of RAM, 330 TB of storage system for processing seismic data. Specialized licensed software for oil and gas industry is used from leading world software companies: Shlumberger, Paradigm Geophysical, Autodesk, Bentley, Roxar, Kappa, CSoft, Askon, Carbo, Credo-Dialogue and many others.